Friday, December 30, 2005

Accipiter Catches Dove in Yard

While visiting with Danielle's parents in Las Cruces, we got a great chance to see an Accipiter up close.  We are still not positive of the ID but are leaning towards identifying it as a Sharp-Shinned Hawk rather than a Cooper's Hawk. While indoors, we heard a bird strike the bay window.  When we went to check, we found the hawk in possession of a White-Wing Dove. We are not sure whether the dove hit the window while escaping the hawk or that the pair of them hit the window.

We were absolutely amazed by how close the hawk let us get to photograph it, though it kept a wary eye on us.  The first image is right after the kill.  The second two images are one hour later.  The hawk had dragged the dove under some bushes and made good progress on its meal.