Saturday, August 1, 2009

T-Thread Imaging Train for TMB130SS

After much futzing, I have put together a set of adapters that allow me to connect my QSI-540 CCD to the FT-3035 focuser of my TMB-130SS refractor through an all T-Thread imaging train.  I can optionally insert my Vixen flip-mirror as well using the T2 Quck connects.

This image shows all of the adaptors needed to make this work.  A bit of a Rube-Goldberg assembly, but it is solid an has no clamp fittings on the main imaging train. The Baader T2 quick change couplers are as solid and free of flex as a threaded connection.  Adaptors E and F were the ones I had a hard time finding.

When everything is threaded together, I get three parts. The flip-mirror assembly at center is optional and the camera at right can be switched easily to other telescopes.  When assembling these in the field, no threads have to be undone, only the solid T2 quick connects.

Here is everything put together.

Camera and flip-mirror system mounted on the telescope.  With this configuration, focus reached with focuser extended out 45mm.

Update 2012.09.01 - When using the new AP focal reducer, this assembly no longer works.