Sunday, September 25, 2011

Losmandy GM-8 Dec Puck

I recently acquired an ADM dual adapter plate for my Losmandy GM-8 mount which allows me to use both V and L style dovetails.  It is also longer than the stock GM-8 plate.   One of the problems that I discovered is that when the RA axis is slewed to the East and the DEC axis points near North, the adapter plate crashes into the RA motor assembly.

In order to remedy this, I created a "hockey puck" of scrap aluminium to sit between the DEC assembly and the adapter plate.   The puck measures 3.5" x 0.75" with two through holes spaced 3" on center.

The puck is the bright silver colored part in the images below.  You can see that with this puck, the adapter plate just clears the motor housing in this position.   In fact, there is now no orientation in which the adapter plate collides with the motor housing.

Near North Horizon - Mount on East Side

Near North Equator - Mount on East Side