Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fearless Cleaner Shrimp

This afternoon, I removed a bubble tip anemone from under this plating coral to trade it in at the local fish store.  This was the same newly split off specimen described in a previous posting. It has not remained in place and its travels have damaged several corals.

As I "massaged" it slowly off of its perch under the plating Montipora coral, all of the fish went to take refuge in the rock crevices.  The cleaner shrimp, however, took the opportunity to pick at my hand for ... what? ... parasites?  These critters have evolved to be pretty fearless.

Here are the remaining two anemone.  The wayward daughter separated from the specimen in the back corner which, in turn, split off from the one in the front. The removed anemone safely delivered to the fish store, slightly worse for wear.

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