Monday, May 20, 2013

White Tail Fawn Season

It "fawning" season again.  Our neighborhood has a large suburban population of whitetail deer.  For the third year in a row, fawns have been dropped inside our fenced-in backyard.  This is frustrating because the mother deer then feels obligated to harass our Labrador when we are playing ball.  This weekend, we had animal control help us move one of the fawns safely out of our yard and into the adjacent greenbelt after the dog was beat up twice.  We are still trying to get the second one out.

This is a nice shot of a fawn we found in the front yard the next day.

Whitetail fawn - Canon 60Da and Canon EF 70-200/f4L at 200mm, f6.3, ISO-2000

Update 2013.05.29 - Here is yet another fawn Danielle found "hiding" in front of our garage door behind the trash bin. It most only be a day or two old based on its size.

And here it is again the next morning.

The image below is one I took in May 2010.  It was the first fawn we had evicted from our yard.

Update 2013.07.12 - Looks like another round of fawns in the yard.  Just found this one next to the house this afternoon. Hopefully, it is not from the same cranky mother as the two we had in the Spring.  The fawn was peacefully munching on the grass along the fence.  Here it strikes a ready-to-run pose as it heard me open the door. Looking closely at its head, you can see some scarring or loss of hair.  I wonder what got a hold of it.  

Whitetail Fawn - Canon 60Da, Canon EF 70-200mm/f4L at 135mm, f/7.1,  1/500sec,  ISO-800

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