Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cardinal Nest in Roses

I have been surprised several times by a female cardinal flush out from one of our rosebushes in the driveway.  I went and took a careful peek and found a nest with three eggs.

Northern Cardinal eggs 2013-06-09 - iPhone 5

Update 2013-06-14 - Two eggs have hatched and baby birds stretching for food but not yet making any noise.  I am not sure exactly when they hatched but they are much bigger than the eggs and look like pictures of week-old birds. I am guessing they hatched very shortly after the first picture.

Northern Cardinal hatchlings 2013-06-14 - iPhone 5

Update 2013-06-16 - Sad news, checked again this afternoon and the baby birds are missing. They were still there yesterday.  I am not sure what critter got into the nest and made off with them but a larger bird is the most likely culprit as the nest itself is intact.

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