Friday, January 3, 2014

Natural Palette North American Nebula

After the success over Christmas with applying a "natural" color palette suggested on cloudynights to the Pacman Nebula, I thought I would retry the same technique on my North American Nebula which I originally processed in a Hubble Palette. Here is the result with colorization hue values of Ha = 344, OIII = 180, and SII = 35.  This is not quite the same settings as I used for the previously and more tweaking was required on the curves for each of the filters. However, I am still impressed with this trick.

North American Nebula - TMB-130SS/QSI-540 - Narrowband with natural palette

For comparison, an image I took previously with a DSLR. Star colors show better saturation in the RGB image but the palette is pretty close, though the narrowband palette shows a bit too much orange in the bright H-alpha regions. It is close enough that real RGB data can be mixed in to enrichen the star saturation.

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