Sunday, March 23, 2014

Waxwings at Lake Georgetown

Another day, another birding hike! We went to Lake Georgetown, hiking from the trail head off of West Lake Pkwy down towards Sawyer Park. Hoping to see some warblers.  The only reasonable photos we got were of Cedar Waxwings which are making their spring migration through Georgetown. Images with Canon SX-50 HS.

In addition to the waxwings, we saw of interest:

  • Blue Jay - Two seen at a distance in Juniper trees
  • White Pelican - Six flying overhead, circling in the updrafts in the company of a hawk. Migrating though, I assume. They all had keels on their bills for breeding season.
  • Spotted Towhee - A male and female in the tangled brush at Spring Hogg Hollow.
  • Orange-Crowned Warbler - In the juniper thicket up near the trail head
  • Cerulean Warbler (Probable) - In the green juniper trees near the lake at Spring Hogg Hollow. Not confident of this identification. Small warbler shaped bird with white belly, patterned grey and blue upper, did not confirm the neck band or side stripes. No chance of getting a photo. This bird was the highlight of the venture if for no other reason than the tantalizing prospect of seeing a migratory warbler.
A number of unidentified hawks as well as the ever-present vultures and cardinals. Still need to work on my recognition of bird song. There were many different songs and calls that I did not recognize.

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