Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Inca Doves in the Backyard

We have seen Inca Doves in the yard, only occasionally. They are much smaller than the White-winged Doves  that normally haunt our feeder station and devilishly shy. Normally, the birds at our feeder only spook when we open the back door ... these take flight while we are still behind the closed door thinking about getting a camera out.  This morning, after finding three of them resting on the cement patio, I was able to creep up to the window and aim the camera carefully between the slats of the venetian blind to get a picture. Though lacking the bright turquoise eyeline, these smaller doves have a very beautiful scalloped pattern to their feathers.

Canon SX-50 HS  - 215mm, f/6.5, 1/320 sec, ISO-320 (Auto)

Canon SX-50 HS  - 215mm, f/6.5, 1/320 sec, ISO-400

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