Friday, February 27, 2015

Cedar Waxwing Invasion

This morning we had an invasion of Cedar Waxwings in the yard. I estimated a flock of several hundred had gathered in various trees. In the tree next to the bird bath waves of 50 or more would alight and then groups of them would swarm down onto the tiny bird bath taking drinks and relieving themselves. Yes, all of the spots on the concrete are droppings.

Update 2015-02-04 - The passing of the waxwings may have heralded the end of our winter birds. After a banner day of warblers over the weekend and another round of waxwings, we have seen no more of them.

Update 2105-02-05 - Spoke too soon, this morning, another wave of 50 or so waxwings and a couple of yellow rumped warblers visited the birdbath.

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