Sunday, April 24, 2016

Becoming a Martin Landlord

Today, I took my first venture into becoming a Purple Martin landlord. Though it is likely too late in the season to establish a colony, I may still be able to attract birds to check the place out for next season. I had not previously considered doing this, thinking that our location was too closed in to attract martins. However, I found that a neighbor a couple of streets over, on a much more confined property, has a active colony of about two dozen birds.

I acquired this kit on-line from the Purple Martin Conservation Association. It feels very solidly built and the gourds have Starling resistant entrance holes. The whole gourd rack lowers using a pulley system in order to do nest checks. I also installed optional owl guards on the top row and a predator baffle on the pole, as I have done on the bluebird houses. The concrete pier is 36" x 12" extending partly above ground. We will make a raised rock landscape feature around the base.

I don't know where to get "pine straw" around here so I filled the gourds with "normal" straw. Since taking the pictures, I have also numbered all of the gourds for record keeping.

On day two of dawn song playing, I found two Starlings sitting on the upper perch rods ... sigh, another species to control.

The story continues on another post with the arrival of my first pair.


  1. Thanks Helen. So far only House Sparrows and Starlings. This season is probably just a practice run.


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