Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aspect Ratio Issue in Deep Sky Stacker

I have been trying to use Deep Sky Stacker with my new Canon 60Da and found a problem with the the saved images.  Frustrating because this is, otherwise, such a convenient program. 

Whereas the preview image in the main application window displays correctly, the image saved on disk after stacking is not. Specifically, the image has been scrunched into the first 75% of the width of the frame.  Interestingly, the resulting image area is square.  It looks like the software is using the pixel height value somewhere it should be using the pixel width value.

The resulting image is unusable.  However, by re-saving the image manually from the main window, the result appears correctly proportioned, though scaled in intensity differently.

Update - members of the DSS group on Yahoo have indicated that this is a problem with Windows previewer not handling 32bit TIF images correctly.   I recalled having this problem as well in Photoshop CS4, but upgraded Photoshop CS6 displays correctly.   The resaved images would have been 16bit TIF.


  1. Edward,

    Have you tried installing and running the beta version of DSS? The latest beta edition available at the groups should solve this problem. I had same issue with my T2i. Also google and download the latest Microsoft Windows Camera Codec pack 16.4. Feel free to contact me,can be found at daltonskygazer, my astro site.

    1. I had the most recent beta of DSS. It was upgrading Photoshop to CS6 that solved the problem for me. Thank you for your information.


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