Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dipped out on Rustys

We took a trip to Hornsby Bend today to look for reported Rusty Blackbirds seen both in the bogs and near the entrance. When we first approached the boggy area west of the greenhouse, a group of blackbirds scattered into the cover. We did not get a positive identification on them.

Our stay netted a few other interesting species, however.  At the entrance we saw two Crested Caracara in the parking lot.

Driving to the greenhouse, we passed several small groups of water birds in the main ponds. Of interest were a couple of Eared Grebes and a lone Spotted Sandpiper.

Along the berm next to the boggy area behind the greenhouse, we found a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet which was flashing its hidden crown feathers.

We saw a single Blue-Headed Vireo in the tree branches along the berm near the greenhouse. We also saw a half dozen Blue Gray Gnatcatchers in low bushes along the berm-top path. This was a better view that I had gotten at Goose Island.

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