Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ecoxotic Out - Kessil In

After three years of fighting dealing with repeated failures of my Ecoxotic Panorama Pro lighting modules, I finally gave up. Less than nine months after I installed three panels of these lights, I began to see failures of the LED cells. All the cells in a module would dim over time, then individual cells on the module would burn out completely. The blue lights were especially vulnerable. Of the eighteen original modules, I ended up replacing thirty as well as four or five AC adapters. I had originally computed that I would recoup the cost of the system in five years from not having to purchase replacement bulbs and tubes. I only made it three years.

In fairness to Ecoxotic, they stood behind their product 100%. Requesting replacements was painless, even long past the 1 year warranty period. Unfortunately, this product itself did not measure up to the quality of the company.

After a number of positive reviews, I am giving Kessil a try. Per their sizing specs, I installed three of the A360W-E canisters - each one covers about a 24" x 24" surface area.

The hooks that I am using are not from Kessil. In fact, they are not even reef related. They are part of a bird feeder hanging system purchased at Wild Birds Unlimited. They work great because I can swivel them to the side if I need to.

My lux measurements with these lights mid tank is about twice the intensity of a panel of five Panorama Pro modules. While operating, the Kessil light canisters are completely cool to the touch - a good sign. I am using the Kessil controller to vary the intensity and color over the day from dim blue to bright white. The surface shimmer from having three point sources is much better than the panel light, similar to what the MH bulbs produced.

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